September Health & Safety Questions

Have CHAS increased their prices?

CHAS have a yearly review every October, so you will need to check their website for regular price changes.

Have other SSIP accreditation increase their annual fee.

There have been a number of increases including safe contractor and Constructionline, you can visit or blogs or the websites directly for the latest prices.

Im starting a new company what do i need?

Most accreditations are client led, you will normally be asked to have one in a tender form or a PQQ that you are filling in. You can look at getting one for yourself, there are number available to you and you would need to make a decision about the right one for your business.

Why do i need to pay an annual fee for assessment?

All accreditations are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure you are still compliant, the fee is to pay the assessor to review your submission.

I keep being asked for Toolbox talks where can i get them?

There are many places you can get these from, we offer a free set, if this is of interest to you download here.