Bespoke Risk Assessment & Method Statement writing

Bespoke RAM writing

Template RAMS

We have a number of enquiries on a daily basis asking us for a template for a job one of our clients are working on. We provide a wide range of Risk Assessment and Method Statements in template format on our website that need to be amended by the client to match their specific needs. These range from £6 per RAMS to £12 per RAMS, or are provided free as part of our Safety Advisory service or Competent person service.

These Templates do need involvement from the client as there will be a comprehensive sequence of work that could apply. As the client you would be responsible for  ensuring that this sequence was relevant to yourself and if not amended to reflect your process.

Bespoke RAMS

These are when the client has a very specific request that does not fall into any template we have available. These are tailored to include the process you carry out as well as ensuring that all risks are appropriate to the job and site you working on. These require the input from one of consultants so will incur a fee of £150 + vat

Whatever your requirements we will have the solution to help.