What are Toolbox Talks?

What are Toolbox Talks?

Toolbox Talks are a good way for employers and supervisors to ensure employees are all given key information and business processes in the simple structure. They are quick 15 minute sessions which can ensure your employees are up to date with important information  They are ideal for training of Health & Safety topics as well as good housekeeping.

Why are they called Toolbox Talks?

The term Toolbox talks originated as they were originally used for the Construction industry as a way to give employees quick precise training on Health & Safety topics such as Manual Handling and PPE.  These are now being used more industry wide as a way to communicate with employees topics that are important to the day to day running of the business.

How do I deliver a Toolbox Talk?

The best way to deliver a Toolbox talk is to have the information on screen for you to go through as well as a handout for your employees to make notes as you are going through.


At Seguro we have a pack of 70 Toolbox Talks that can be downloaded for free by clicking here.