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When you are registered with the Contractors Health & Safety (CHAS) assessment scheme it means that you’ve met the minimum standards and gives you access to contracts that you wouldn’t have entry to without it.

Local authorities, housing associations and many developers won’t consider using contractors who don’t have CHAS accreditation.  Pre-qualification gives you entry to consideration.


  • You’re demonstrating compliance with health and safety legislation and take your responsibilities seriously.
  • You’ll get access to more opportunities than contractors who are not registered with CHAS – bigger, better and more profitable!
  • Going through the CHAS process will improve your health and safety awareness and practices – AND can help to make a positive impact on productivity.

Any assessment of health and safety competence takes time and LOTS of paper.  Getting CHAS accreditation is no exception but that’s where we can help.

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CHAS with 5 or more employees

The secret of getting successfully accredited is to get expert help – and that’s where we come in.  Give us a ring on 0800 031 5404 to discuss your accreditation process or fill out the form.

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