Looking for a cheaper option for your SSIP renewal

Fed up with the assessment fees for your renewals increasing year on year?

At Seguro we do the best we can to keep prices down for our clients that is why we have frozen our fees to help with the paperwork and be your safety advisor for three years in a row.

We feel our clients frustration when they are paying their assessment fees and this increases significantly year on year and there is nothing they can do.

That is why we are recommending that our clients look at the new SSIP accreditation from PQS  Pre Qualification Scheme. 

They are significantly cheaper than all the other SSIP accreditation bodies, you will get the same service and will still be part of the SSIP umbrella accreditation scheme.

Some of our clients could save up to £500 just on the assessment fee by switching over, if the companies you work with do not specify which SSIP you need this may be worth you looking at.

Some comparisons below for you:

£95 for 1-4 
£135 for 5+

Take a look for yourself and let us know, we can still provide assistance for all your paperwork and our fees will remain the same for you. 

Get in touch if you are looking to switch providers and we can assist you with moving forward.