CHAS or Not?

CHAS or Not?

Are you thinking about getting your CHAS accreditation but not sure if it is the right one for you and your business. Most of the requests we get to help people with their CHAS application are from companies who have been asked to have CHAS by a client that they are working with for the first time or for a tender they are applying for.

CHAS is part of the SSIP umbrella group so is seen in the industry as a measure of a companies ability to deliver their services complying with Health & Safety. As CHAS measures the Health & Safety process within your company looking at your risk assessments and method statements that you use on current projects achieving the accreditation shows you meet the required standard.

CHAS accreditation can help you to gain more work as well as opening doors for you to work with larger clients and public bodies. There is a membership fee applicable and if you choose to get help with completing the paperwork there will also be a fee payable for that process. So the business decision needs to be made by you.

Is the initial cost worth it for the potential gain?

For more information on CHAS and how to prepare the documentation needed please see our CHAS information.