Cost of applying for Constructionline

Cost of applying for Constructionline

Applying for Constructionline and working out if it is going to be cost effective for you as a business can sometimes prove difficult as unlike many qualifications there is no set fee it is based on turnover.

The fee may seem daunting if you have a large turnover at the time you apply but the additional work that you can get from being a member far outweighs the initial costs. Constructionline not only saves money but can save time as well as being a member can mean you only have to fill out one PQQ.

If you are unsure what the costs would be please see the chart below:

Yearly TurnoverFee (ex. VAT)Cost payable
£0 to £99,999£90£108.00
£100,000 to £249,999£95£114.00
£250,000 to £999,999£250£300.00
£1,000,000 to £1,999,999£435£522.00
£2,000,000 to £4,999,999£490£588.00
£5,000,000 to £19,999,999£735£882.00
£20,000,000 to £49,999,999£1,075£1,290.00
£50,000,000 and above£1,565£1,878.00

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Part of the membership benefits include being able to see the opportunities board which alerts you with the latest projects that are relevant to your companies experience.

Constructionline was established in July 1998 when CMIS and ConReg were merged. It is well established qualification and has proven to be beneficial to companies for many years.

If you are struggling with an application or would like us to complete one for you get in touch.