Asbestos Awareness E-learning

Asbestos Awareness E-learning

It is your employers responsibility to ensure that any employee who may come into contact or disturb asbestos carrying out their normal daily work tasks have been given the correct level of training. Enabling employees to have the knowledge to ensure that they can work safely and competently without risk to themselves or others working around them.

There are three main levels of information, instruction and training.

  • Asbestos awareness
  • Non-licensable work with asbestos including NNLW
  • Licensable work with asbestos.

Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos Awareness Training can be provided in a number of forms but the most common and easiest form is to provide employees with access to Asbestos Awareness E-learning. The training is intended  to provide the employees with the the information you need to avoid work that may disturb asbestos during any normal work which could disturb the fabric of a building, or other item which might contain asbestos. The training is not intended for anyone who will be involved in the removal of Asbestos.

Asbestos Awareness E-learning should cover the following:

  • how to avoid the risk of exposure to asbestos
  • the effects of asbestos on health and its properties, including the increased risk of developing lung cancer for asbestos workers who smoke
  • asbestos materials in buildings and plant, the types, uses and likely hood of it being present
  • the general procedures to deal with an emergency, eg. an uncontrolled release of asbestos dust into the workplace

We can provide access to an Asbestos Awareness E-learning course for any employers looking to ensure their employees are covered.

All other levels of asbestos and the information and training needed can be found on the HSE website.