Top five Health & Safety Questions in May

Health & Safety questions in May

At Seguro we often get asked questions that we think other people may be thinking about so we have decided to share some of them on a monthly basis.

If you have a question you would like answering please get in touch.

1. Is e-learning good enough or do i need to send all my staff on a course?

Sitting an E-Learning course that has been verified by CPD is just as good as being taught in a classroom. The benefits of e-learning is that you do not loose your staff for the whole day they can sit the course at a time and place that suits them and you.

2. What is the benefit of working with a consultant?

We are all experts within our own particular industry and trying to know everything your company needs can be a daunting task. If you decide to employ a consultant you can allow them to get on with the Health & Safety part of your business while you get on with running it. You should ensure your consultant has the appropriate qualifications before you agree to anything.

3. I’ve been asked if i am SSIP accredited am i?

If you already have a Health & Safety accreditation you may be SSIP accredited, we have more information available on SSIP and deeming to satisfy.

4. Do i need to sit an exam to be CHAS registered?

To become CHAS registered you need to submit documentation regarding your companies activities and Health & Safety, these are all reviewed remotely. The only “test” you may need to sit is an e-learning course if it is applicable to your work.

5. Why isn’t it cheaper to renew my CHAS?

Each year you application is considered as a new application by CHAS and all documentation reviewed and submitted in exactly the same way, so takes the same amount of time.