SSIP membership Deem to Satisfy Qualifications

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Did you know that there are some Health & Safety qualifications you can get as part of the SSIP membership scheme as long as  you hold a scheme membership certificate for one of the full Schemes.

In laymen terms this means for example if you had already gone through the process of applying for your Safecontractor qualification you would deem to satisfy the criteria for CHAS. You would need to contact the CHAS body and there may be a nominal fee to finish the process.

This would be beneficial for companies that are instructed to have a certain qualification in order to be approved for a tender or indeed to get payment. You can ensure you have these qualifications at minimal cost to you.

There are other examples where you can deem to satisfy and some of the more popular ones we help our clients with are detailed below:

Full Application Process                                                   Deem to Satisfy

SMAS                                                                                    CHAS

Safecontractor                                                                       SMAS

CHAS                                                                                    SMAS

For a full SSIP Deem to Satisy Chart click on the link