March Health & Safety Questions

We have been asked a number of questions this month with relation to the changes in Constructionline and the need for keeping your paperwork up to date.

What details are needed for the level 3 constuctionline?

The new Level 3 requires you to complete the following additional questions including policies and supporting information:

  • Equality and Diversity
  • Environmental
  • Quality
  • Business Information Modelling
  • Acclaim / SSIP
  • Supplementary Questions

Why do i suddenly need the new Level 3 as i have been fine without it for years.

The new level 3 has been released and is being implemented by a number of large construction companies. So if you want to be on their subcontractor list you need to have the extra level in place.

Yearly accreditation renewals

All Health & Safety Accreditations are renewed on a yearly basis, this is to make sure you are up to date and consistently monitoring and amending you Health & Safety documentation.

Ive been asked for an SSIP certificate

We have written a number of blogs on this in the past, please have a read through them to get a better understanding SSIP