Health & Safety Questions August

Welcome to our Health & Safety Questions for August

I need to be SSIP accreditated?

There are a number of schemes that cover SSIP please see our blog on which one would be best for you.

What does Deem to satisfy mean?

This is when you can use a certificate you already have in place to gain another one, please read our blog for more information.

How much does it cost to get Safe Contractor?

The fees for Safe Contractor is based on number of employees, you can get more information by visiting their website.

Is CHAS worth the money?

CHAS is normally an accreditation that a company gets because they have been asked for it by it client. The value of this can vary per company and is ultimately a business decision.

How do i get on Constructionline?

You can register on constructionline by visiting their site. You will need to pay your joining fee and then you get access to the online portal, you will then be able to see the information that is needed to complete the application. If you are unsure about the paperwork needed please get in touch.