Health & Safety Questions for October

My Constructionline has been suspended what do i do?

You will need to log in and see which items need updating. If you are not sure how to complete the outstanding items, then you can ask as consultant like ourselves to look into your account and provide assistance.

Is it cheaper to renew my CHAS?

The fee for CHAS renewal is the same as an existing application, both applications need to be assessed the same so there is no reduction in price.

How often do i need to update my information with CHAS?

CHAS is a yearly renewal for all documentation.

Why do i have to have a competent person?

It is a legal requirement to have a competent person and Health & Safety policy if you have more than 5 employees. CHAS and and other assessment bodies will not accept your application without this.

Im filling out a PQQ and they want to know if i have an SSIP certificate?

You can find all the details here on SSIP.