Health & Safety Questions For August

Health & Safety Questions for August

Please see below the questions we would like to share from August, if you have any questions you would like us to answer please let us know.

Contact number for CHAS, Constructionline and Safe Contractor.

CHAS – 0208 5453838

Safe Contractor – 02920 266 242

Constructionline – 0844 892 0313

Why do i need to do Silver and Gold for Constructionline?

The new levels introduced by Constructionline are to further assess your company in all aspects of business. Some clients require these levels to be completed in order to be on their supplier list.

Why do i have to pay more for the additional Constructionline levels?

The levels are chargeable as they have to be verified this means an assessor has to spend the time to go through your documents.

Why cant i be my own competent person?

In order to be deemed as competent in Health & Safety you need to be trained to NEBOSH or above, if you have this you can represent yourself.

What are the changes happening in CHAS?

CHAS have launched 2 new levels within their accreditation on 13th August 2018, these are additional questions you can answer to get a verified assessment. Please see our blog for the pricing structure.