Health & Safety Question In February

Welcome to our Health & Safety Questions for February

How Hard is to get CHAS?

CHAS is an assessment of your Health & Safety you have in place for your business, you may need some help to get everything in the right format they are looking for but the process should be achievable.

What happens if i fail my CHAS application?

You will be given the reasons from your assessor that you did not gain accreditation at the first attempt, you can try to rectify the issues on your own or gain advice from a third party consultant.

What can i Display if i am Constructionline accredited?

You are able to display the decals and display kit that are provided by Constructionline.

I need an SSIP certificate?

SSIP is an umbrella group of accreditations, for more information see here.

I want someone to do everything for me to get my CHAS?

As a third party consultant we can help you to prepare the documentation and provide support, the application is based on your business so you will need to have input and responsibility.