Costs of applying for CHAS

Costs of Applying for CHAS

Are you thinking about applying for CHAS but not sure what the fees will be?

The most common CHAS applications are for appendix 2 and 2a and they vary depending on the number of employees you have.

CHAS is becoming more and more popular as members with the accreditation have shown and demonstrated an understanding for practicing Health & Safety.

The fees are listed below:

DetailsFeeTotal Inc 20% VAT
Appendix 2 (>5 employees)£236£283.20
Appendix 2A (<5 employees)£157£188.40
Joint Principal Designer & Designer£338£405.60
Group (for 1-3 offices)£674£808.80
4-6 Offices£50£60
7-10 Offices£39£46.80
11+ Offices£33£39.60
Deem to Satisfy – SSIP Member£124£148.80
Deem to Satisfy (Designer)£168£201.60
Deem to Satisfy (Joint Principal Designer & Designer)£225£270
Deem to Satisfy (Group up to 20 offices)£420£504
Training for buyers£95£113.50
Care Service Providers£236£283.20

CHAS is part of the SSIP umbrella group and can lead to you being able to qualify for other accreditation within the group.

If you have any questions about CHAS please get in touch.