What is Builders Profile?

What is Builders Profile?

Builder’s Profile provides a service enabling clients and contractors to procure the services of subcontractors who have demonstrated compliance and provided the necessary PQQ information.

The accessible database allows companies to submit their information and keep it up to date easily for clients and contractors to review. If you are a client or a contractor it gives you one location to view all the details you need to manage a supply chain no matter how large or small.

The idea behind Builders Profile is that subcontractors are able to fill in one PQQ instead of having to fill in different ones for each contractor they want to work with.

The benefit for contractors of Builder’s Profile is that all the information you need to select a subcontractor is all in one place.  This can help reduce the cost of procurement as well as administration.

There are various levels of membership available

  • Main Contractor Membership
  • Subcontractor Premium Membership
  • Subcontractor Basic Membership
  • Members of our Partner Trade Associations, Premium Membership
  • Members of Supporting Trade Associations share a discounted Premium Membership

If you are looking for any advice on how to complete the application and ensure you have the documents needed get in touch with us today.