Having trouble with your RE-CHAS?

Having trouble with your RE-CHAS?

Each application for CHAS is treated as a new application, this is so that your paperwork can be assessed on a yearly basis to ensure that you comply with the latest Health & Safety Legislation. We often get calls from companies saying that the paperwork they have submitted last year has not been accepted this time around.

If you submit documentation that CHAS do not think is up to the standard they need to pass, they will provide you with a list of actions. This will be sent out to you by your appointed CHAS assessor.

The documentation will go into detail to let you know what you need to provide as additional information, there are a number of actions you can then choose:

  • Compile the documentation yourself
  • Purchase the documents needed and complete it independently
  • Contact a Competent Health & Safety Consultant who can provide you with the information needed as well as advice

We can do your CHAS with you starting at £300 + vat for less than 5 employees.

As a Health and Safety Consultant we are happy to look at your documentation and bespoke the responses based on your business please get in touch if you would like our help on 0800 031 5404.