Risk Assessment & Method Statement

What is a Risk Assessment & Method Statement?

A Risk Assessment & Method Statement is used to describe in a logical sequence exactly how work  is to be carried out using safe practices and without risks to health. It should include all the risks previously identified in the risk assessment and the measures needed to control those risks.

How do i complete a risk assessment?

To complete a risk assessment, you need to have the knowledge to identify  the activities in your business, might cause harm to people and decide whether you are doing enough to prevent that harm from occurring. Once you have decided the harm that may be caused, you need to priorities these whilst identifying putting in place, appropriate and sensible control measures.

What should i include in my risk assessment?

The risk assessment you generate should include consideration for all the activities that are relevant to the work you are carrying out. You should take into account each step in your work sequence and assess what harm, how and which people can be affected. It should take into account any controls which are already in place and identify what, if any, further controls are required.

You should be able to show from your assessment that:

  • a thorough check was carried out
  • all people who might be affected  by the works carried out have been considered
  • all significant risks have been assessed
  • the precautions are reasonable
  • the remaining risk is low


There are a number of free templates available and the HSE has some you can download and amend.

We also have templates available that are for specific industries and can be implemented into your business straight away. Click Here