Reasons to join the Safecontractor scheme

safe-contractor-logoReasons to join the Safecontractor scheme

Have you been asked to get the Safecontractor accreditation by one of your clients? Do you know what it is? Safe Contractor is one of the largest expanding health and safety accreditation schemes in the UK, it currently has more than 270 clients and over 24,000 contractor members.

Fully Qualified Assessor

Safecontractor has a unique level of specialist knowledge unrivaled by competitors, built on 10 years’ experience of delivering market leading accreditation services. This is further reinforced by engaging only directly employed, experienced and qualified assessors to carry out audits.

Health & Safety Compliance

If you are a service supplier or contractor and want to show new and existing clients your health and safety competence, then you can register with the scheme as a contractor. Being a member of the Safecontractor scheme means you will not have to carry on filling in PPQ for every job you tender for as you can use the Safecontractor accreditation to show your compliance.

Members of SSIP

As part of the SSIP, Safe contractor can help you to satisfy other accreditations your client may need such as:
All you need to do is visit the SSIP site and see how to get in touch.
If you need any help with completing your application for Safecontractor or any of the SSIP accreditations visit our site for more details.