Pre Qualification Questionnaire Guide

Pre Qualification Questionnaire Guide (PQQ)

Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, also commonly know as a ‘PQQ’, is a questionnaire that companies (suppliers ) have to fill in when looking to tender for schemes they want to work on. PQQ are used when applying for an approved supplier list or when applying for most accreditation schemes. They are pro-dominantly used in the public sector, but can be used for private sector tenders too.

Filling out a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire for the public sector, is an important process as they are used as a way to standardise all suppliers and the information needed to make a decisions when appointing new contracts. As all information is standard the PQQ can help to make a short list easier as companies are able to look at information in the same format and detail.

PQQs are scored according to the answers that you give so you need to ensure they are well thought out and give the best impression you can give of your company and its capabilities.

What is asked in a PQQ?

Every PQQ you fill in is effectively your companies marketing tool, filling out the PQQ to the best of your ability will allow you to show that your company is the best choice.

In general, a PQQ will need information about your:

  • Status
  • Finances
  • Quality Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy

We provide help if needed to complete any PQQ you may have been given as well as advice in ensuring that you have all the information you may need for further Pre Qualification Questionnaires you get.