Introducing two new levels of Constructionline

Constructionline have recently announced they are going to introduce two new levels to their assessment process. The reason for the new introduction is to ensure that the “one stop shop” they currently operate evolves and continues to cover all the needs of suppliers and buyers.   The new changes are coming into place in summer 2017.

The Level of Constructionline already in place will be classed as Silver membership.

The new levels will be:

Gold Membership – this will feature a much more indepth PQQ covering latest legislation changes including Modern Slavery. This is where you will include a Health & Safety accreditation such as a valid SSIP (Acclaim and CHAS) certificate to the supplier profile.

Platinum membership – this will be introduced to cover high-value contracts or contracts that involve substantial risk,. This will be applicable to contracts that will require an on-premise audit.

We will keep you up to date with the latest information and when these new levels are available. If you have any questions about a current Constructionline application please get in touch.