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Working at Height Online Training

Working at Height Online Training

If you fall from high up, the result is often fatal.  Not only does a family lose a member, but the cost to the company is likely to be high in compensation and increased insurance premiums.  This means that it’s not only a legal requirement for your people to have approved training, but also a sensible business decision.

The problem is that most training programmes require all your staff to lose a half day of their time – at the same time.  Online Working at Height training solves this problem.

People can train whenever it suits them at any time of the day – or night!  All they need is access to the internet.

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The course covers:

  • The legal requirements
  • How to carry out risk assessments
  • Means of access and use of ladders
  • How to be compliant erecting & using scaffolding (both independent & tower)
The programme finishes with a competency test and then the CPD certificate is emailed, giving you three years’ certification.  The whole process should take around 1-2 hours and is based on multiple choice options.



Signing up is easy

Click the button above, pay and you’ll get a link emailed to access the programme.  Once you click that and register you can view the programme and take the test.

Why should you learn Working at Height online?

  • It is flexible so people can do the course on their computer or tablet device at any time it suits them.
  • It doesn’t have to be completed in one session – it should only take around 1-2 hours, but if learners want to stop and return later they can.
  • It’s both cost effective and an efficient way to use everyone’s time.

If you have 10 or more people who need to complete this programme call us on 0800 031 5404 for a discount product code.

Click one of the images below to see content from this course and the certificate issued to trainees for successfully completing the course.

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Are there any restrictions on when the course can be taken?

Can I retake the course again if I don't pass?

How long does the course take to complete?

If I leave the course part way through will I lose my progress?

Is the course certified by any independent bodies?

Is there a discount available for multiple bookings?

Is there an expiry time for the course?

Once I start the course is there a time limit in which it must be completed?

When will I receive my certificate?

Will my certificate be accepted by organisations such as CHAS, Safe Contractor etc?

What are the minimum system requirements?

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