Common Constructionline Questions we get asked

Common Constructionline Questions we get asked

As a consultant we get asked alot of questions on the phone for people who think they are speaking to Constructionline Direct and not to us. Although we don’t know the answer to everything we do try to help.

1.    I can’t remember my login details?

  • You will have registered with login details when you created your account. These will be your email address and the password you picked.
  • If you have forgotten your details you can go Constructionline and request them to be reset.

2.    Can I register with Constructionline if I’m a new company?

  • Constructionline require financial information for all companies but for new start ups you are able to submit a set of forecasted accounts with your application.

3.   Do I need to get Liability Insurance

  • You will need insurance before you can complete your application. This will need to be in date.

4 .  I’ve got another certificate will that help with my constructionline application?

  • If you have any of the SSIP certificates such as CHAS, you will be able to upload the certificate and you will not need to fill in the main Health & Safety Section.

5.   What are the fees i have to pay ?

  • The fees for are based on your turnover and as you are signing up Construcionline will tell you what they are.

If you have any other Constructionline Questions or think we may be able to help you with your application get in touch with us today.