Constructionline now certify against the “Common Assessment Standard”

The Common Assessment Standard has been introduced to reduce even further the need to complete numerous Pre-Qualification questionnaires. The CAS is an approved standard recognised by any member of Build UK.

During October the new questions relating to the Common Assessment Standard will be available for completion on the Constructionline Portal.

Already have Gold or Platinum

The new questions for completion on the Common Assessment Standard will be added you your account at no extra cost.

Once the additional sections are available all you need to do is complete them and you then qualify. The sections will automatically appear once any change is made to your account.

Are you an existing Associate, Bronze or Silver member

If you currently have one of these levels in order to get access to the new questions you would need to upgrade to a Gold account and they will be included for you.

Need help?

If you need any assistance on the new sections or upgrading to Gold please get in touch.