CHAS or Constructionline how do you decide?

CHAS or Constructionline how do you decide?

In terms of Health & Safety accreditation these seem to be the most popular ones we are finding people enquire about. They are different accreditions and can both be useful for your business.


CHAS is a remote assessment of your Health & Safety Practices within your business, CHAS assess your competence for carrying out the work you detail you perform. CHAS are looking to make sure everything is in place and your company has the correct level of training and competence within your business. If you have more than 5 employees CHAS will also be looking to make sure you have all your legal responsibilities covered within your Health & Safety policy and you have the correct level of safety advice available to you.


Constructionline is a remote assessment of your company and will be looking for you to provide information about your company, directors, finances and areas of operation. As well as your Health & safety, equal opportunities and environmental management. Constructionline is an online portal where you are able to update your information and save progress over a period of time to enable to you get the documentation needed together. You can then submit your information and feedback will be provided.

If your still unsure which accreditation would be right for you,  get in touch with us and we can talk through the options available to you 0800 031 5404.