Changes to the CDM regulations

Changes to the CDM regulations

There has been some recent changes to the CDM regulations which you can find below:

The HSE has now published a Q&A briefing document to help its own inspectors understand whether work falls under CDM. In doing so it has interpreted the technical wording of the construction definition in an unexpected way.

Good news!

A spokesperson told IOSH magazine that, “where maintenance activity involves construction processes, requires construction skills and uses construction materials, it is most likely to fall within the term construction work. General maintenance of fixed plant which mainly involves mechanical adjustments, replacing parts or lubrication is unlikely to be construction work.”

Note. As a result of this publication the following activities are not considered to be construction work and so are not covered by CDM 2015 :

  • treeworks, industrial cleaning, inspection/testing of services, cleaning solar panels, and similar: unless any of these works are associated with a building project
  • maintenance of fixed plant such as servicing boilers, lifts and gas appliances; and
  • minor repairs, e.g. to doors, floors, walls.

Tip. This work is still covered by other health and safety legislation, but by eliminating CDM from the equation, a more pragmatic approach can be taken.