Being members of Safe Contractor and Constructionline

Being members of Safe Contractor and Constructionline.

Being members of Safe Contractor and Constructionline can ensure that your company ticks all the boxes no matter who you decide to work for. As they are separate accreditation’s they cover an accreditation under the SSIP umbrella as well as one for Constructionline.

There is also a benefit in getting these both together at the same time if you are looking for help in completing them as there is often a discount available.

In terms of benefits to your business for getting both of the accreditation’s there are a number of benefits from each one:

Safe Contractor benefits

  • Being a member allows you to be able to show compliance for your health and safety competence to new and existing clients. Providing this is the accreditation they are looking fro you will no longer need to fill in PQQ on an ad hoc basis.
  • You can provide you clients with access to your online portal 24/7
  • If a client has specifically asked you to join they will be notified you have in their monthly report.

Constructionline Benefits

  • Access to over 8000 buyers
  • Being part of Constructionline shows you have met the standards and regulations set out to comply.
  • Improves your efficiency and time spent on PQQ

As Health & Safety Consultants we can help you to achieve both accreditations. To find out more visit our website Safe Contractor / Constructionline