Applying for CHAS and Constructionline

Applying for CHAS and Constructionline

If you looking to apply for both CHAS and Constructionline there is a process to follow to make the application a little less daunting:


CHAS is an assessment of your Health & Safety documentation, this is assessed remotely through an online portal. This accreditation is also part of the SSIP umbrella group so you are able to use this if you are asked for any other accreditation that falls under the group should you need too.


Constructionline is an online assessment of your Business this includes finance, quality, equal opportunities and Health & Safety. You can use your CHAS certificate to satisfy the documentation needed for the Health & Safety Section of Constructionline.

In order to get both accreditations it is recommended that you get your CHAS first and then Constructionline. Both need to have the assessment fee paid upfront and then you are able to access your application to see the documentation needed to complete. If you feel you need some help to get everything needed please get in touch.